The law of forgiveness

The Law of Forgiveness

The Law of forgiveness simplified here, although still presenting the powerful message behind it, is going to be one of the most important reads you will ever have on my page. It took me a long time to understand this law, and forgiveness in general. I had never been a forgiving person and i know that now, but i can also say that it is because i just did not understand much about God and this universe. Forgiveness is something you really want to establish in your life and it takes a significant amount of  understanding and awareness and then a lot of practice before you can truly paste it in your life as part of your habitual trait. But when you do, boy oh boy; happiness and inner peace and abundance of love will reign in your life all the days you walk on this planet. 

I have adapted a wonderful definition on forgiveness which has worked wonders in my life and one i heard  from a course in miracles actually. My definition is that forgiveness is a shift in perception that removes a block in me to my awareness of love’s presence. I just absolutely love it:-) Because it speaks the great truth of life. Love is what is absent when we cannot forgive something or someone. You know, it takes a lot of bigness in character to forgive especially when something very mean or horrible happens.It takes great human qualities to achieve this, but it is very possible.It just requires an awareness of what forgiveness really is. Shifting perception is quite challenging for most people, but this is the starting point of forgiveness. When the perception shifts we now allow in a new idea, new hope and the presence of love to come into our awareness.  

Why is forgiveness important?

All the great teachers in the holly books and throughout history have always emphasised the importance of forgiveness. One of my favourite teachers is Jesus christ and he really emphasised this law of forgiveness even though most people have really misunderstood his teachings on it. Peter who was curious about forgiveness asked him one time about it and thought forgiving his brother seven times was pretty generous since the jewish laws that he had grown up with only allowed three times – but Jesus made him understand that seven times was too little and he actually said it should be seventy times seven.. In simple English, we now know that he meant it is supped to be infinite. Just as love, faith and hope – forgiveness too must be infinite and unconditional in our lives..And this is something we need to open up to and awaken to in our own lives. If you still wonder why it is very important to learn about this law, let us consider the following.

When something mean happens to you and someone really wrongs you, of course you become angry , frustrated and even resentful. Same thing when you do something that you wish you had not done right? You get really upset and stressed and very guilty because obviously you realise how you would have wanted to handle the person or situation. Well these emotions of resentment and guilt are actually scientifically proven to be among the most damaging. In fact let me go as far as saying, guilt is the most damaging as it tests as a strong acid that is produced in the body! and i do mean this Literally!!

Would you ever agree to put some acid on your skin ?Is there any way, anyone can ever convince you to pour acid on your skin? I am guessing its a huge NO WAY! and yet, that is what happens internally when you are experiencing guilt.  Think now for a minute about your loved ones, your family , your friends, your children ,Yourself…. How much harm do you think resentment and hurt and blame and guilt is doing to your life and theirs. Isn’t now a good time to stop poisoning your body in such a horrible way? killing yourself slowly..Is there anything so important or so bad that you have done to justify why you are poisoning yourself? I would eagerly say that there will never be anything worth you feeling guilty over, in your life.Everything that life brings, you can handle differently by a shift in perception.And it takes forgiveness, -that seventy times seven attitude and understanding.That is what i would recommend your begin studying today.

When you are resentful and guilty or blaming someone, you know that you are the one getting hurt the most right? because for you to hold a grudge or hate someone, you will need to vibrate at that frequency of the thing that you do not like so that you can have reason not to forgive it. If you forgive it, you won’t be in that bad vibration. But what happens when you feel justified not to forgive, well you stay in a bad vibration and of course because the body is just a manifestation of your mind, it automatically begins to break down. When this happens physically – you call a doctor to fix it; mentally or spiritually you call a minister..But in Truth you need your Self to get to the root cause of the issue or else the doctor and the minister won’t really be able to do much.They will assist  for sure, but the Cure is always and will always be within. Do you think it is an accident that most young people in their 30′s and 40′s are dying of chronic diseases and heart attacks and strokes? Medical researchers actually confirm that abnormal tumours and cancer is tied down to suppression of guilt and resentment and stress related negative emotions held over a long period of time. This is crazy! But it is also good , because we know that we hold our own power to our health and well-being and that we can alter any conditions or circumstances through the proper application of the law. So i invite you, to make a decision today, learn this law , read this message i am sharing with you, dare to find out more and how you can apply it in your life and you will see great results in a very short period of time. Get in touch with me by contacting me or signing up for my complimentary coaching session, let’s connect and have a conversation on this and let me help you figure out how to live in that state of forgiveness and then see what miracles begin to happen in your life! I have seen this enough times now, to know that all the happiness and success and love that you want to receive is already here waiting for you, but you need the awareness for your to bring it into your physical experience  and be able to enjoy it abundantly.

PS: I did a wonderful webinar on this topic, if you would like to have access to it, you will receive it as a bonus when you sign up to my newsletter or schedule a coaching session with me.It is my gift to you, because i know the damage lack of forgiveness has in our physical bodies and health and peace of mind. I went through  that ordeal and i really want to empower you out of it if you have been or are in a similar state. Forgiveness is your key to well-being and peace in life.,and you can learn easily how have it now.It is by Law.

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Learn more, Live more & Love more – Today!

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